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Lomond Property COVID Secure

More than once we’ve all hoped we are at the end of the pandemic and, finally, it truly seems like we are almost there. But after many jabs and boosters we still value and respect our diverse customer base, so now is not – just yet – the time to forego our continued safety measures and diligence in following Scottish Government guidelines.  

Letting or selling with Lomond Property means you can guarantee we take the health and safety of every landlord, tenant and all our employees seriously. All the team at Lomond have studiously worked to ensure all tenants and properties remain COVID-secure as a matter of course, whether it’s been during property viewings, inspections, letting maintenance – routine or otherwise – and the range of mandatory checks demanded of rental properties, like legionella and gas certifications.    

At Lomond we’ve baked-in extensive measures to protect all parties against infection. Here are some of the things we do to keep you safe and stress-free  

  1. Any staff member or customer exhibiting any symptoms or with a suspicion that they may have contracted the virus is asked to take a test, wait for results, and not to attend the office or any viewings
  2. All lettings and sales appraisals are conducted with social distancing in mind, and we’ll even bring tissues in case you need to sneeze or get emotional about your dream home 
  3. House sellers will open all doors, cupboards etc. to ensure touching is minimised  
  4. We insist on masks being worn, but please contact us if this is not possible   
  5. There will be no person-to-person contact: handshakes and high-fives will have to wait  
  6. When possible, we ask for doors and windows to be open during viewings and other appointments  
  7. Please bring your own hand gel – we don’t provide it up front, as this approach allows us all to minimise contact  
  8. At this time, Lomond cannot take any clients to viewings  
  9. We request only two adult family members attend any property, but we realise this isn’t always possible. Please contact Lomond if others must attend, too  
  10. As we emerge from lockdown Lomond willcontinue to maintain our high standards until the Government advises otherwise.  

If you have any concerns or specific needs not covered above, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our offices for a chat with the Lomond staff.   

Lomond Property are a leading, independent Estate Agent and Ayrshire’s largest Letting Agent. Our marketplace spans rural, town, suburban and city properties, and with our collective 50-plus years of staff experience we take pride in providing the right service for every client and every customer.  

To discuss a letting or sale with Lomond Property, please contact our Prestwick Officeon01292 471151.  

Note: statistics, percentages and references are correct at the time of writing.