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Irvine, Scotland

Why invest
in property?

The west of Scotland is a great place to live and work, and there is strong ongoing tenant demand for quality houses and flats. Property offers fantastic returns and capital growth. Our investment clients enjoy stable, consistent incomes from their properties, with impressive yields of 5% to 8%. We have excellent opportunities for clients looking for a single property or to build a portfolio.

  • Our consultancy service helps identify your needs
  • Our experts will find you the right property at the right price
  • We’ll guide you through refurbishments and legal requirements
  • We’ll find you great tenants and manage your property

in wisdom


Working closely with each investor, Lomond Invest locate and tailor investments to each client’s criteria, the key to sourcing the most suitable properties to fit a robust, expanding portfolio.


Invest advice on how to improve assets is a large and important part of the investor journey. Each project is carefully managed to completion, including all safety and legislation requirements. High-quality finishes always secure quality tenants, reducing void periods and optimising returns.


A key USP, Lomond Invest’s management of your property starts with sourcing, but continues on completion of your refurbishment. We also monitor the property income and track the performance of your portfolio.

Build relationships

Lomond Invest believe strongly in exceeding expectations. Many of our investors expand their portfolios with us, and our relationship continues to grow.