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We're Hiring a Property Manager. Lomond Property Ayrshire (Lettings Team)

Lomond Property, Ayrshire’s largest Letting Agent, are recruiting. We’re looking for a full time Lettings’ Property Manager to nurture our portfolio as it expands through organic growth and acquisitions. Lomond manage over 800 homes and in 2023 we enjoyed a 15% increase in business. Now we want you on that journey.

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12 Feng Shui Tips to Help Sell Your Home

As an estate agency dedicated to ensuring the success of our clients, Lomond Property is excited to share 12 Feng Shui tips that can help you sell your home with positive energy and style.

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Well Kept Gardens Help Sell Properties
Does Having a Nice Garden Help Sell Your House?

When it comes to selling your house, your garden is the first area buyers see on arrival. Does a nice garden help sell your house? Read on...

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Lomond Property Ayrshire House Irvine
A Fast Start. Why January is the Perfect Time to Sell Your Home

January offers distinctive advantages for sellers. If you're selling your home early in 2024 - here's why Lomond Property believe January is the Perfect Time to Sell Your Home.

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The Power of Professional Marketing and Your Property Sale

In 2023, Lomond Property proudly secured the top spot among Estate Agents for online views, averaging a remarkable 346 daily views per property. In stark contrast, our competitors within the area averaged a mere 145 views.

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Lomond Property Drain
How To Unclog A Drain - Lomond Property Maintenance Guides

Clogged drains are a familiar woe for homeowners - especially those looking to sell their home, causing inconvenience and potential damage if left unattended.

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