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Via Lomond’s offices and online presence, all landlords enjoy extensive marketing of their property, as well as the opportunity to leverage our tenant database and local letting market knowledge. The Lomond staff actively speak to prospective tenants every day, including families, young professionals, commuters and other interested parties. Lomond will install a “To Let” board at your property, adding footfall to the opportunities to let your property quickly at the right rate, and to a fully vetted and referenced tenant. Online, Lomond will feature your property on:



Landlords (and tenants) benefit from our professional, customer-friendly website, along with the UK’s premier property platforms. We welcome any questions and all enquiries, and feel free to contact us on 01292 280855.

Founded in 2005, Lomond Property are a leading, independent Estate Agent and Ayrshire’s largest letting agent. Our marketplace spans rural, town, suburban and city properties, and with our collective 50-plus years of staff experience we take pride in providing the right service for every client and every customer. We deliver value throughout the West of Scotland and beyond, allowing people and businesses to make more informed property decisions in sales, purchases, lettings or investments.


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Lomond commit to owning the management of your property, providing peace of mind and the assurance that we strive to deliver hassle-free service and value.

Lomond can also provide advice on your mandatory landlord registration, insurances and indemnities, as well as the ever-changing safety landscape. More information can be found on all of these below.

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In addition to traditional letting, Lomond Invest is our investment model that allows landlords, investors and organisations to invest in new and upgradeable properties. With an emphasis on greener and renewable energy and materials, Invest bring a leading-edge eye to refurbishing older and not-so-old properties, providing excellent yield and medium to long-term investment security, as well as fighting climate change. Lomond Invest and Lomond can also help bring these values to your current properties. As safety legislation in Scotland changes and gets more stringent, there are often economies of scale that make green upgrades much more viable when compared to meeting entry-level legal requirements. For more information, contact us on 01292 280855.

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Why and How do I register as a landlord with my property’s local authority?

Under Part 8 of the Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004, private landlords must apply for registration with their property’s local authority. Lomond recommend using: www.landlordregistrationscotland.gov.uk where you can register multiple properties across all Scottish local authorities. Alternatively, telephone the appropriate council to register. Both the website and the councils will be able to provide further information on landlord registration and what that means for all parties. Registrations have to be renewed every three years.

More detailed information about landlord registration is also available from the Scottish Government which provides information on the legal rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants, and advice on best practice.

The Scottish Government demand all registered landlords meet a range of legal requirements. Lomond can advise on these, or manage them, given our own industry experience and network of trusted, local contractors and other service providers. All Lomond Landlords should prepare to provide or instruct an energy report, electrical check (EICR), various alarms (smoke, fire, carbon monoxide), portable appliance and gas safety checks and finally a legionella risk assessment, all of which should be further checked and validated at regular intervals throughout tenancies.

For more information, please see Appendix B on our Landlord Information Pack or request a SAL (the Scottish Association of Landlords) Factsheet that will provide detailed information on legislation.

It is the responsibility of the occupier to pay the council tax and Lomond will notify the local authority collection office when a property is let to a tenant. If the property is vacant between lets, responsibility reverts to the landlord.

Locks on windows, security lights, and quality doors are advised. Lomond require three sets of keys. Two will be given to the tenant, Lomond retain the other.

Quality properties always attract quality tenants. Your property should be in good condition, internally and externally, and neutral colour schemes are more likely to rent quicker and at better rates. Lomond require a Schedule of Condition and an Inventory Report to support deposit security and to assist management and maintenance. Lomond will prepare these documents, and they will be held on file in the event of any dispute. It’s in the interests of all parties that properties be well-kept and maintained and returned to the landlord in good order.

Repairs and maintenance to the property are at the landlord’s expense unless misuse can be established. All storage areas should be left clear for tenant use. At the start of a tenancy the property should be thoroughly clean; it is the tenant’s responsibility to leave the property in a similar condition. If a tenant fails to do this, cleaning will be arranged by Lomond and a claim submitted to the deposit scheme.  Gardens should be tidy and rubbish-free, with lawns cut. It is the tenants’ responsibility to maintain the gardens to a reasonable standard.

Lomond recommend the landlord leaves copies of useful information for the tenant, e.g. user guides on heating, appliances, security devices etc., and waste and recycling collection days.

For new tenancies commencing after the landlord has been inhabiting a property, all subscriptions (e.g. TV licence, telephone, WiFi) should be cancelled, allowing the tenant to commence these in their own name.

Lomond will notify the relevant utility companies of the new tenant’s details.