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About Lomond Property Ayrshire

Founded in 2005, Lomond Property are a leading, independent Estate Agent and Ayrshire’s largest Letting Agent. Our marketplace spans rural, town, suburban and city properties, and with our collective 50-plus years of staff experience we take pride in providing the right service for every client and every customer. We deliver value throughout the West of Scotland and beyond, allowing people and businesses to make more informed property decisions in sales, purchases, lettings or investments.

Lomond Property


Lomond understand the importance of targeting what appeals to buyers’ hearts and minds and each year we successfully complete hundreds of valuations and sales. These elements combined with our keen understanding of each local market, each property, local amenities, transport networks, and other important lifestyle ingredients ensure the best valuation for your property.



Lomond manage properties for a wide range of very happy clients and safe and satisfied tenants. Via our offices and online presence, all landlords enjoy extensive marketing of their property, as well as the opportunity to leverage our tenant database and local letting market knowledge. The Lomond staff actively speak to prospective tenants every day, and we’ll feature your property on our professional, customer-friendly website, along with the UK’s premier property platform.



Lomond Invest have over 30 years of collective experience. Our Invest model, local knowledge, investment intelligence and an existing portfolio of over 700 letting properties mean we are here to nourish your portfolio aspirations and goals. The model is designed to deliver benefits in all market conditions. Good properties will always attract good tenants and provide generous, market-leading yields.