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Lomond Property

Welcome to Lomond Property’s new website. The Ayrshire and West of Scotland marketplace continues to be buoyant, and online and offline the Lomond Property team will guide you through the buying, selling, letting, and renting processes. And via Lomond Invest, we are here to work with property investors, too.  

Founded in 2005, Lomond Property are Ayrshire’s largest letting agent and a leading, independent Estate Agent. Our marketplace spans rural, town, suburban and city properties, and with our collective 50-plus years of staff experience we take pride in providing the right service for each and every customer. 

Our new website isn’t just about refreshing our online look and feel, but also showing all our customers that Lomond understand what’s needed, be it as a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant or investor: as well as improving the quality of the browsing experience, we have revamped some of our offerings and updated and made more detailed the information we provide online. 

Selling Property in Ayrshire

Receive a rapid sale valuation, free of charge and with no obligation, by simply completing the form on the site, or getting in contact with our team. You can trust Lomond to secure the the best price for your home. Browse through our customer testimonials to learn more about our successes. 

We also offer an online guide to selling, and the comprehensive sales’ brochure can be viewed and downloaded here.

Buying Property in Ayrshire

Easily and quickly view all  properties for sale or enter your exact specifications on our  Homepage to uncover your dream home. The Lomond Team will guide you, offering our views on the market and specific properties, as well as assisting with all parts of the buying process.  

Lettings  – Landlords and Tenants

Prospective tenants and interested landlords can viewproperties for let, and comprehensive landlord information is also provide online. Landlords might own a property, but Lomond owns its future.

Our landlord information pack is downloadable here.

Personal Service

Combined with our market knowledge, Lomond’s personal service ensures our new website is customer focused. We want to provide all clients with easier ways to learn about our services, and browse our wide range of offerings and information for all property needs. 

Please check ourInsights section regularly for market updates, opinion, new services and a variety of information to help all our clients make the best property decisions.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our offices for a chat with the Lomond staff.  

Lomond Property are a leading, independent Estate Agent and Ayrshire’s largest Letting Agent. Our marketplace spans rural, town, suburban and city properties, and with our collective 50-plus years of staff experience we take pride in providing the right service for every client and every customer.  

For Sales: Joe Gilligan lives in Troon and is well placed to provide the best advice to sellers and buyers all over Ayrshire. To discuss a property purchase or sale with Lomond Property, please contact Joe via our Prestwick Office on 01292 471151.

For Lettings: To discuss lettings with Lomond Property, please contact Stephen Spence via our Prestwick Office on 01292 471151.

Note: All statistics, percentages and references are correct at the time of writing.